Thursday, June 17, 2010

Alan Wakes Up

Alan Wake Review

A psycho dramatic thriller set in a small hick town, set in Alan's mind.
Or is it? This story has more creepy twists and turns than a Stephen
King novel. Which is ironically, who this game would be about if
Stephen King was younger, could aim a rifle, and got lost in his own
mind. I was expecting this game to 'attempt' to be scary but instead
it turns out to be more of a thriller, which it does very well Story
wise Alan Wake will keep you alive from the beginning to the end.
Levels are well thought out and even with the dark and ghostly theme each
level has, they are all interesting. They never feel repetitive and
each one is better than the next. Gameplay is super solid with my only
complant being there were not more weapons and more ways to kill the
'Taken'. Overall a very good game that is worthy of a replay on the
Nightmare setting. Lets hope I wake up because I give Alan Wake 3.8 out
of 5 stars.

3.8 out of 5 stars.

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