Sunday, November 21, 2010

Halo Reaches For Greatness

Halo: Reach Review

So you waited months for this game, you waited hours in line at midnight, and you waited days for this review so here goes...

Overall, one of the finest games you will ever play. The depth is unmatched by any other. A lot of time went into this game and it shows.

Campaign: the best campaign ever? Probably a close second to Halo 1, but much bigger. Most missions you are with a team member or a few. On legendary you might as well be by yourself. They do almost no damage and can take a couple minutes to take out a grunt on their own. Three teammates at once and you can get somewhere. You spartan team cant die, but you will, over and over. You know how Halo legendary is... Good thing it saves often. The flying missions are a good break and the entire campaign has about 10 levels. Of course up to four can play the game together. Your customized Spartan will be the one you play as, and you will see him/her in the cut scenes. Nice touch.

Online multiplayer: you know what to expect here. The major changes include a special ability which you can select. They go from sprint to jetpack to invisibility and a few things in between. Weapons have been balanced a little and the pistol is back with a vengeance. Tons of multiplayer options, daily and weekly challenges, and now you earn credits instead of a rank.

Everything else: Forge is now really easy to make a map and share it. Theater is back. Character customization has vastly improved with more than just different helmets. All in all the most complete game you will ever buy. Halo has returned. Yay!

4.3 out of 5